Thursday, April 30, 2009


I made an action figure for the worldwide release of the international smash hit Amelie 2: Unicorn Hunter. She is fully articulated, being made the same way the puppets for the other summer blockbuster "Some Guts" were made, and comes complete with action bow, panther helmet, broken unicorn horn and shotgun. Take off the mask to reveal cybornetic neuronet processor brain sticking out the back of her head!


Here are some new prints. I had to go down home in Carmel to make these with my brother, we slayed them all in a day, and then I raced back to Providence that night. Also available on black and neon pink, yellow and silver.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Remember in that movie "Amelie" when she has to organize her mission and opens up her HIF (Holographic Imaging System), to see what she must do next to stop the nefarious OCP corporation from developing super soldiers in their war against human relations and the same military program that created Amelie's cybernetic brain and panther super helmet, which coincedentally imbues Amelie with the agility, strength, and cunning, that has never been seen before on this cursed earth, once and for all? Huh? Do you remember? That was my favorite part. It's a good movie that makes you feel squishy inside and fills you with the urge to help others. Rent and watch it tonight with a bowl of cheese bawls and triple thick milkshakes.


A project about transformation that I did for monster class where this football superstar runs the gamut of colors until he finally breaks his 2d and human mold. That was the idea anyway. The red leafy dude is the final stage in the transformation. The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Hi, I got to be apart of a group show with my friends in the illustration program of school. We called it Starship Kittenz. I was in the pit with Ben Bronstein, Rochelle Brown, Laura Decker, Nikita Krivoshey, Torie Leigh, and Zejian Shen, all of whom do really nice work. I wanted to create a virtual tour of the whole show, but my friggin camera destroys batteries for some reason. I'll get more pictures up soon probably, but fer now here's my sections of the walls. We also put a bunch of beasts on the floor and had a table of our books that people could look at. It was a good show and seemed like everyone had a good time. One nice person told me it was inspirational which means mission accomplished. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Senior show for school es el dieciseis de Abril (April 16)